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San Juan de la Maguana

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Dear Friends of the D.R.,

Kristen and I want to welcome you to the Dominican Republic. Ever since I was a high school student, I’ve known that I was called to make this green jewel of a tropical island my home. The Dominican people are among the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The happy sounds of meringue music can be heard pulsing through the calles and avenidas of a typical Dominican town. Walk down one of them and you’re likely to see old men in folding chairs playing dominoes and sipping Barcelo rum while children play their games nearby. We love that sense of lively community here.

The D.R. is a country carved out of the sugar cane fields. It is rich in history and possibilities for those coming to visit. But its white beaches and tourist resorts belie the pain that you’ll find in so many of the families with whom we work. We live in San Juan de la Maguana, in the west of the country. It’s a beautiful place at the base of some mountains and it holds rich possibilities for ministry. We are in the process of planting churches and starting coffee shop ministries.

Please come visit us! God has given us a vision to spread the hope of Jesus Christ not only here, but throughout the country. You can read about it below. We are in the process of building a team. Who knows, you may end up on it!

In Christ,

Miguel & Kristen Shaul

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The Dominicans divide their country into three regions; North, East, and South. The southern region consists of the entire area south of Elias Piņa, and everything east of the Haitian border over to the bay of Barahona (see map). This area is the poorest of the country and has many towns and villages with little or no gospel presence. The majority of AIM’s ministries work in this zone. “El Sur”, as the locals call it, is the least reached area of the DR and has become AIM’s major focus.

The entrance to the city of San Juan de la Maguana

One of the major cities in the south is San Juan de la Maguana. AIM is establishing a base in this town to be a launching pad for teams and ministries that can spread out into various communities throughout the south. Groups will be involved in fortifying existing churches in these towns and working alongside local laborers to plant churches in unreached areas.


Miguel and Kristina Shaul

Miguel and Kristina Shaul, Base Directors

In May of 2005, Miguel and Kristina Shaul moved to San Juan to establish AIM’s ministry there.

An ambassador team near the Haitian Border


Kids' club with the neighborhood children

AIM’s base in San Juan hosts ten day trips, Ambassador teams (three week trips), and First Year Missionary teams. Current ministries include relational evangelism through teaching and tutoring kids in the neighborhood and one-on-one discipleship with Dominican youth.

Youth Outreach

Sports Evangelism


Soon to come, the DR base would like to initiate a 24 hour prayer house. This group of intercessors would commit to around the clock prayer 7 days a week. Another large part of the ministry will be discipling locals through home churches and preparing them to be church planters.

Discipleship and Leadership Training of Locals

In the future, we plan to start small local businesses where Dominican youth will have the opportunity to be discipled as they work. Although Dominican Republic parents would seldom send their students to a missionary training program, they will let them work for an income. Businesses such as coffee shops and gardens will provide the youth with work and good pay, while also providing an opportunity to teach and train them as missionaries.

A long term vision is to send Dominicans to the 10/40 window to be full-time disciple makers and church planters. It brings us so much joy and excitement to envision thousands of Dominicans sowing seed from Egypt to China.

How To Give

Our primary need is a four-wheel drive pickup to mobilize the ministries in far mountain villages, unreachable without such a vehicle. Another urgent need is a facility in which to operate the base functions and the prayer house.