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Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Housing Clearinghouse:
Hurricane Katrina Relief
Hurricane Damage

Adventures In Missions is not a relief ministry per se, but we are members of the body of Christ and we believe that when times are difficult, the Church must reach beyond its four walls.

Update from Seth Barnes, AIM Executive Director
September 21, 2005

Tremendous Outpouring From Host Homes
Adventures in Missions is closing down our placement service for Hurricane Katrina evacuees. It is with great pride that I say, “Congratulations to the American church! You have responded well to this crisis.” The first testing of the Church is over in regards to Hurricane Katrina and the Church and the average American passed the test with high marks, but I want to warn you that many more tests are still to come.

Here is why AIM is closing down the placement service: We knew from the beginning that placement service would only exist for a few weeks. The focus of AIM must now turn serving the greater population of evacuees that desire to stay and rebuild in New Orleans.

AIM is possibly the only organization that had staff in Baton Rouge shelters connecting evacuees with host families, and the hours logged to serve the 100 plus evacuees that were connected is enormous. I can tell you from first-hand experience this process saved lives and changed the immediate and long-term futures of so many people for the better. Because we must be stewards of the opportunity of helping New Orleans residents return to their homes, our focus must turn away from placement.

Please stay involved in this process. Many respond early but fade away over time. The true test comes in the long term. Will you be a part of the response that remains after the news crews pack up and go back to reporting local news? My challenge is still the same, “Let the church arise and be the bride she is created to be!”

Please check out the number of other opportunities AIM is offering to volunteers for the hurricane relief effort. Also, please be aware that AIM is a Christian-based missions organization. We offers trips all around the world at different times throughout the calendar year. God may have placed this host a family opportunity in your path to simply lead you to AIM to mobilize you to minister in new ways.

Allow me to summarize:

  1. AIM is no longer a placement service. If in the months to come we come across a family or individual that is looking to relocate to your area then we will definitely contact those of you who have already let us know of your interest, but for now we are no longer using AIM staff to place evacuees.
  2. You are encouraged to stay involved and look up other opportunities that AIM offers to serve the relief effort or to get involved in our international missions programs. We offer them at
  3. We are grateful for your willingness to share your resources in this placement effort. Know that you were part of a great ministry that saved and changed lives, even if you did not receive an evacuee family. Thank you!

Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to the following email address: Please take time right to ask the Lord how you can continue to answer the call!


Seth Barnes
CEO Adventures in Missions


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