Mission trip to Peru, South America, July 18, 2010 to July 26, 2010 Adventures in Missions

Peru, South America Mission Trip

July 18, 2010 to July 26, 2010
Age Group: Jr. and Sr. high school students
Application Deadline: 5/1/2010
Status:  Past application deadline
Cost (US$): $725 per participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Ministry Detail
Ministry Description:
Culture and/or State Information
Peru is located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. A country filled with jaw-dropping terrain, from the lofty peaks of the Andes mountains down to the vast coastal deserts and the hot, steamy rain forests of the Amazon Basin, Peru is a multiethnic nation. Once home to many proud civilizations, like the Incan Empire, the region is occupied with a large population of rural indigenous residents. Like many Latin American countries with similar cultural make-ups, Peru faces high levels of poverty and inequality. Decades of political unrest and pattern of economic volatility have left almost half the country at or below the poverty level. Chronic malnutrition of infants in rural areas remains significant, and educational quality is low by regional and international comparison. Major narcotic drug problems and trafficking have become part of the natural economy in Peru, penetrating the country through its border with Columbia. The country provides about two-thirds of the total cocaine produced in the world, increasing its ties to organized crime, guerilla insurgency movements, as well as increased drug addiction in the area.

Ministry Description:
Today, God is powerfully at work in this part of the world and there is a tremendous receptivity to the gospel among the Peruvian people. The people of Peru are looking for hope and are responding to the gospel in great waves. A primary objective of your team will be to partner with growing churches in the area to build their ministries and support Godís work through them.

Youíll have a opportunities to participate in various outreaches like childrenís ministry, feedings programs for the poor and hungry, visitations to a local orphanage, and sports evangelism at multiple sites. In addition, some teams will walk to mountain villages and conduct community outreaches in parks and squares to share Christ.

Food & Lodging
Meals and safe drinking water will be provided on site. Lodging will be provided in a guest house with bunks or at a small hotel. Lightweight bedding and towels are recommended.

Recommended Prayer
- Pray that God will open up opportunities to share his love with the people of Peru.
- Pray that God will provide the Peruvian people with a sense of hope, despite the overwhelming poverty that surrounds them.
- Pray that God will go before you and soften the hearts of the Peruvian people who have rejected the gospel or might be resistant to your message of hope.

Dress Code & What to Bring
Dress Code:
We do require all trip participants, leaders, and staff to adhere to a dress code on each of our EDGE mission projects. We do this to show respect for God, respect for ourselves, and respect for others. Please help us achieve this goal by teaching your group that our dress code isnít because weíre extremists, but because we love God, we wish to honor His creation, and we donít wish to cause others to stumble. You can find specific guidelines in your M101 manual or by contacting your EDGE representative.

Travel Information
Tolls & Exit Tax: 
An airport exit tax of $30 US (November, 2005) per person must be paid by participants when departing Peru. Keep the form you will be given upon entry to pay the exit tax.

Shots & Vaccinations: 
An updated Tetanus shot is strongly recommended for ALL projects. Hepatitis A and B shots are strongly recommended.

Suggested Travel Agency:

Angie Lepley, CTC
Tangerine Travel, Ltd.
16017 Juanita Woodinville Way NE, #201
Bothell, WA 98011
Phone (800) 678-8202
Direct (425) 354-6910
Email Angie@tangerinetravel.com

Suggested Travel Insurance: 

We highly recommend all program participants have health insurance coverage for international trips. It is important to know that most regular health insurance plans do not cover you overseas. Health coverage is not a requirement for domestic trips, but still recommended.

Meet the Trip Leaders
Project Leader:  Deb White