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Human Trafficking
Lee's Story

Lee and her family sometimes go days without eating. Her father has been out of work for months and her mother is dying from an unknown disease. Lee is the oldest of six children who do little more than exist in a small Cambodian village. She is eight years old.

One day a man from the city comes to visit. He is a business man who wants to help this poor family. He offers to buy Lee for 25 dollars. Promises are made that she will be put in school and well taken care of. This money could sustain the entire family for months. It could buy the necessary medicine to bring the mother back to health.

A deal is made and Lee is given only minutes to pack her things and say her goodbyes.

When she crossed the border into Thailand, she was taken to a bar. This bar acts as the front of a brothel. Lee was deceived and forced into prostitution. At first, Lee tries to resist but the brothel owner quickly beats her and threatens to harm and kill her family if she doesn't comply. She is nothing more than property now, and the request of every man who enters must be met.

Lee spent the next eight years of her life caught in torment and fear before she was finally rescued. She has endured unthinkable abuse and been exploited in every possible way. She now lives in a shelter for children who have been sexually trafficked. She met a team of missionaries last week. They came to sing songs and tell her about their friend named Jesus. Lee saw something in the eyes of those missionaries that she had never seen before: hope.

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