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Missionary Internships

AIM offers two types of mission/ministry training programs for college age young adults. These internships provide you an opportunity to experience missions and ministry, and explore God's call upon your life for full-time missionary service. As an intern, you have direct exposure to missionaries and/or national pastors while working along side them. The intern experience gives you a true and practical understanding of missions and missionary life.

The two internships are:

1.  Summer Missionary Internship - This 8-week summer internship is available in several locations:
  • Inner-city Philadelphia
  • Peru
  • Matamoros, Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Kenya

2. Academic Credit-based Missionary Internship - This inner-city missionary internship is available in Philadelphia. Academic credit is offered through Bryan College. Half of the intern's time is spent in ministry; the other half is spent in discipleship. The ministry portion is customized to reflect the student's particular interest. AIM can provide an opportunity for the intern to preach, share the Gospel while teaching English as a second language or tutoring in an after-school program, or reflect Christ's love to the homeless, helpless, and those addicted to drugs. Two types of credit-based internships are available:

  • One Semester Internship - This internship called "Semester in the City" offers 3 academic credits through Bryan College.
  • One Year Internship - This internship called "First Year Missionary" offers 15 academic credits through Bryan College.

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For more information, contact Sue Wilson by E-mail at interns@adventures.org or by phone at 800-881-2461 x223..


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