Adventures In Missions

Natural disasters are unexpected and devastating. Be it a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, flood, tsunami, or mudslide, communities often lack necessary preparation for these disastrous events, and even fewer are able to handle the immediate needs of those affected.

Adventures in Missions actively serves communities suffering from the devastating effects of a natural disaster. When hurting communities are facing tragedy, Adventures offers care and support to those in the most desperate of situations.

We respond to both domestic and international disasters, from our friends next door to our neighbors on the other side of the world. Because needs differ with each disaster's location and intensity, our agile response efforts fill the gaps and holes, finding needs other relief organizations can't or don't meet.

How can you help?


About the Fund

Given the unpredictable nature of these disasters, precious time is lost when making efforts to raise funds while victims are already in desperate need. That's why we have created a general Disaster Response Fund allowing us to respond immediately to disasters as they are happening.

As we continue to make you aware of the ways you can help when these events occur, consider supporting the Disaster Response Fund throughout the year so resources are available for our teams to act immediately when unexpected disasters hit.