Senior Adult Missions Opportunities

Adventures In Missions is now offering trips for senior adults!
Here are some of the details for mission trips for senior adults:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - May 2008 - Racers enjoying God's beauty on Hermosa Beach. - photo by Traci Van SumerenYou will fly into the Liberia International Airport and stay in a hotel in Canas, Belen and Las Juntas de Avangares. Some of the most incredible sites in Costa Rica are filled with waterfalls, jungles and volcanoes. Conversely, this is an area where poor Nicaraguan immigrants from are desperately seeking employment. You will have opportunities to do children's ministry, where you will serve 40-60 kids, nursing home ministry, where you will prepare an evangelistic program for the elderly, and a feeding program, where you can share your testimonies, drama performances, and serve meals to the locals.

Puerto Rico
 Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, which means that no passport is necessary and the U.S. dollar is the official currency. On the other hand, it has a unique Hispanic culture, and Spanish is the official language of the island (translators are provided). 
This makes for a great cross-cultural experience with a mixture of both Hispanic and Caribbean cultures. Come stay with us at the "Centro Cristiano de Restaurcion-Isabela" retreat center, where you will enjoy this great campus with two swimming pools, large gazebo and lush surroundings. While you will sleep in bunk beds, they are quite comfortable after a fulfilling day of ministry. This mission trip is filled with plenty of opportunities to minister and includes a relaxing day at the beach just off the island.


You will fly into Managua International Airport and stay at the Hotel Casa Mateo in Jinotepe. You will enjoy your stay with Lynne and Glenn Schweitzersin, who are missionaries and church-planters in the country. Jinotepe is a town located about one-and-a-half hours away from Managua that will give you a taste of the true culture and authentic lifestyle of the native Nicaraguan people.
Most of the people in the area are of a lower class income. You will have an opportunity to serve through painting houses, landscaping, and doing children's ministry to orphans. Ministry also includes a visit to the Nursing home of Iglasia Centro Cristiano de Restaurcion in Cabo Rojo, outreach ministry in the local plazas, and door-to-door prayer evangelism. You will also attend a mid-week church service and youth service on Friday evening.


You will fly into Lima International Airport and stay in a local hotel with capacity for 60 peope, where a terrible earthquake destroyed most of the homes in 2006. There are still people living in shelters without the finances to rebuild their homes.
Because of their desperation, people are very receptive to the Gospel in this area. The earthquake has opened up opportunities to share Jesus during mass feedings and children's ministry. There is also a small orphanage in La Quinta, where you may be able to help with chores or light construction work.

To apply, contact Senior Mission Specialist AIM Admissions: