Long-Term Missions

Long-Term Missions
Adventures Long-Term Missions is the third year of a 3-year discipleship process. Just as Jesus walked with His disciples for 3 years before launching them into their full-time ministry careers, Adventures seeks to walk with those called to missions. If you have completed the World Race or Passport or an equivalent program and you feel called to a season as an long-term overseas missionary, click here to contact us!

**all applicants must complete training before being sent to the field

About the Long-Term Missions Program

Are you called to serve God in the US or overseas for a year or longer? Adventures in Missions enables passionate followers of Jesus to spread the Gospel in teams throughout the world and make disciples of Christ. Through learning the language and diving into the culture, you will live and work with a team amongst the people you are sent to minister to, forming long-lasting, impacting relationships within the community while telling them the good news of Jesus Christ.

Working with Adventures offers many possibilities in ministry, including, but not limited to:

  • anti-human trafficking efforts
  • orphan and children ministry
  • refugee and Internally Displaced Peoples camps
  • medical camps and training
  • local church involvement and church planting
  • ministry in both inner city slums and rural villages
  • disaster relief and aid
  • youth center outreach
  • discipleship
  • evangelism and literature distribution
  • teaching and preaching
  • administration and leadership

To apply, click here!

Please note that opportunities with Adventures in Missions require all missionaries to raise financial support to cover their salaries, regardless of where they serve.

FAQ for Long-Term Missions

How old do I have to be to join Adventures in Missions?
For people interested in going to the mission field for a year or longer, we require that you be at least 21 years of age. It may also depend on the country you feel called to.

What qualifications do I need?
There are no special requirements other than a vibrant relationship with Jesus. We accept single men and women, couples, and families.
Do I need to be a citizen of the United States to apply?
Yes, Adventures in Missions requires you to be a US citizen to apply through our US office. If you are interested in working with an Adventures in Missions team long term in a particular country, your home church will need to be your "sending agency". Please contact us if you have any more questions.

Will Adventures in Missions pay me a salary?
All of our overseas missionaries raise their own salary by asking friends and churches to give financially to cover the needs. All missionaries need to engage in continuous fundraising in order to be eligible to serve.

For how long can I go to the mission field:
We have a range of opportunities and time commitments. The longer you can commit the better as it gives you the best opportunity to adjust to living in a new country, learn some of the local language, and engage in effective ministry.

What is the process for becoming a missionary with Adventures in Missions?
When you submit your application form, we send you information about the process for becoming a missionary with Adventures in Missions.

How much does it cost on average?
Depending upon the country, single individuals will need to raise between $1000–$2,500/month plus funds that will be needed to set up your living situation. Couples and families will be more. A Missions Advisor will work with you to develop a customized budget for you. Monthly budget includes housing, food, spending money, medical health insurance, ministry and language learning expenses, Adventures in Missions administration fee of 7%, airfare, and field ministry costs.

How does support raising work?
We will provide you with resources that will equip you to learn how to raise your financial support. You will be provided with a support raising account into which you will raise funds after being accepted as a missionary with Adventures in Missions. You will be required to raise the money to cover all of your financial needs.

I have some debt, can I still go to the mission field?
We prefer that all missionary candidates be debt free when they go to the field; however there are three options for handling your debt while serving with Adventure in Missions:

  1. Defer your loans while you are overseas. Check with your lender to see if this is possible.
  2. Have a friend or family member commit to paying your minimum monthly loan payment directly to the lender as a way of supporting your ministry. This giving is not tax deductible.
  3. Raise enough support to cover your loan payments. You will be responsible making those payments out of the support you raise.
What will my first two years on the mission field look like?
Your Missions Advisor will provide you with an outline of what you can expect while on the field. Each field has its own expectations. Included with this outline will be a vision statement, foreign language learning, and cultural adaptation plan as well as description of the main ministry of the team. Much of your missionary training will happen on the field.

During my term commitment, how often can I return home?
We encourage new missionaries to remain on the field for the duration of their commitment before returning home. Exceptions will be made if there is the terminal illness or death of an immediate family member. We discourage new missionaries from going home for weddings, anniversaries, or other events. Leaving the field during your first term for any length of time is detrimental towards acclimating to your new host country. You will be encouraged to have vacation time during your first term, spending that time in the region of the world where you are based.

Who will care for me while I'm on the mission field?
Adventures in Missions requires that you have an extensive spiritual care support team that commits to ministering to you while you are on the mission field. Adventures in Missions will provide missionary care as it relates to practical issues that come up and you will have a point person in the Adventures in Missions office that will assist you. Adventures in Missions will also provide your care support team with access to specialists who can help in times of crisis.

What role does my church play?
Adventures in Missions requires you to have a committed sending church or group. They should commission/send you to the mission field as their missionary and make a covenant with you to care for you while on the field and when you return.

What will Adventures in Missions do to help me once I decide to return to the United States?
You will be invited to come to the Adventures office on your way home where you can debrief and be equipped with tools that will help you adjust back to life in the U.S.

After my initial commitment, how long can I come home for a visit?
We encourage you to return to the U.S. after your term to visit family, friends, as well as prayer and financial supporters and to have a time of rest.

Will I be a part of a team?
Adventures in Missions believes people should live and work in community, encouraging one another and keeping each other accountable. You will be accountable to the team leader on the field who will assist you during your time of ministry.

What kind of health insurance arrangements do I need to make?
We require that you sign up with the Adventures in Missions health care provider to ensure that you have adequate coverage while living overseas.

Latest Blog Posts for Long-Term Missions

How to Become a Missionary

Maybe you grew up seeing pictures of mud huts with thatched roofs, people with large objects pierced through their earlobes, or little children with dirty feet and ragged clothing, flies buzzing around their eyes. You heard stories of meetings where thousands fell to their knees to receive Christ as their Lord, where the blind could see, the deaf could hear, and the lame danced.

Or maybe this is completely new to you. Maybe you were going through ordinary life, living the American dream, and realized it wasn't enough. Or better yet, you had an encounter with God and couldn't look away. Suddenly, things that mattered before weren't as important. You knew that you needed to do something different. God called you to be a missionary.

Here are four steps to becoming a missionary:

  1. The first step should be a practice for the rest of your life: prayer. Pray about the who, what, when, where, and why of this process. Pray for God's direction and the ability to hear what He is saying—and to be obedient to his leading. Pray for God to break your heart like his for the hurting and the lost. Pray, listen, and never stop.
  2. The second step is to talk to the people closest to you, the ones who love you unconditionally and know you the best. Ask them what they think. Ask them to pray with you.
  3. The third step is to talk to your pastor. Ask him for insight, and most importantly, if the church would be your sending church and would commit not only to praying for you weekly, but supporting you financially as well.
  4. The fourth step is to decide what kind of work you would like to do, where you feel God is leading you, and with which organization you would like to go. Start asking the people around you about different sending missions organizations. Search online. Do your research. And through it all, pray.

Ultimately, the Lord will lead you.

If you are reading this article, we hope you will consider going with Adventures in Missions! We are an interdenominational Christian missions organization with a focus on discipleship. For more information, please contact us at: 1.800.881.2461 or fill out our application form.