Puerto Rico - Adult
Caribbean Mission Trip

An adventure awaits you in Puerto Rico!

Smiling tourists never imagine the truth of life in Puerto Rico.

A commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico offers wealthy residents and tourists the comforts of America as well as exotic beaches and a relaxed Caribbean culture.
Sadly, almost half of the population lives below the poverty line, and unemployment always remains high. Most of the Puerto Rican people do not have access to services such as police protection and emergency medical care.

Many families have been torn apart by emigration—almost half of the island’s people have moved to the United States.

Those who remain need hope.

You can share the promise of life in Christ to the people of Puerto Rico. 

Build relationships and trade stories with them. You’ll learn about Puerto Rican life beyond the resort walls, and you can share the promises of Jesus with forgotten people.

You may connect with children through Vacation Bible School. Help them learn that God loves them and that they are part of his great plan for the future. Assist local ministries in the work they're doing in Puerto Rico by completing construction projects.

In a nation where so many of the young people have emigrated, their older family members are often left behind. You can help show the elderly in nursing homes that they are important by sharing the love of Christ as you learn about their needs.

Puerto Ricans need Jesus and the hope his message brings. Will you help?


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Trip Date:  6/29/2014 - 7/4/2014
  • Cost : $595

    Status : Open

  • Insurance & Services : $0.00

  • Duration : 6 days

    Deadline : 5/14/2014

  • Age Groups : Adults


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