Haiti Relief Trip - Adult
Caribbean Mission Trip

An adventure awaits you in Haiti!

Even before the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.       

Now, the rubble of crushed homes still lies everywhere. Unable to rebuild their homes, many Haitians live in tent cities that sprawl across the country, even in the medians of roads. 

The Haitian economy lies in ruins as well. Eighty percent of the population falls under the poverty line, and many rely on foreign aid for food because they do not have enough money. People live in fear of diseases that are unimaginable to most Americans.

Corruption, crime, and the black market prevent Haiti’s people from working to rebuild the country on their own. 

False gods and dark religions lure people deeper into darkness.
Haiti needs your help. Haiti needs hope.

Whether you serve in an orphanage, lead a VBS, participate in local church services, go on prayer walks, or evangelize in the streets, you'll be restoring hope to people who lost theirs to the 2010 earthquake. Your team can show people that the love of Jesus is real and demonstrate his compassion.

By serving in this beautiful yet devastated nation you will begin to understand God’s unfailing love as you show the Haitian people they are not forgotten.

Will you bring the promise of a better future to Haiti?

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  • Cost : $550

    Status : Open

  • Insurance & Services : $24.08

  • Duration : 7 days

    Deadline : 4/30/2014

  • Age Groups : Adults


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