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An adventure awaits you in Ireland!

Ireland’s population is decreasing, and the Irish who remain are seeking a new identity in an unfamiliar time of peace.

Religious strife between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland has ripped this small country in two. Despite the heated positions on both sides, only a small percentage of Irish people actually attend church or profess to follow Christ.

Ireland’s rapid economic growth has left its youth with both spare time and disposable income. In the aftermath of Ireland’s violent history, drinking and fighting are big parts of their culture. Churches offer virtually no youth programs or other safe alternatives to hanging out in the streets.

Ireland’s youth need a safe place to hang out.

Your team may partner with local churches to help develop a youth center that will offer teens a safe alternative. You can show the teens in Ireland that it’s possible to turn away from dangerous behaviors and demonstrate to them that following Christ can be fun!

You may help coordinate athletic and social activities for the youth center, organize card games or dodgeball tournaments on a rainy day, or move outside to play soccer and other sports. Whatever you do, you get to show the Irish youth who Jesus really is.

Your team may even run the center similar to the style of your own youth group back home, including leading worship, teaching, performing dramas, and playing games. Through these activities, you’ll develop lasting relationships with Irish teens, and you’ll find you have a lot more in common than you might imagine.

You may even take them on adventures in the beauty of Ireland, with it’s rolling hills, green pastures, and historic castles.

As the nation begins to rebuild, will you bring the safe, healing presence of Christ to Ireland’s next generation?

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06/28/2015 to 07/07/2015, 10 days
07/08/2015 to 07/17/2015, 10 days
07/18/2015 to 07/27/2015, 10 days
  • Cost : $995 *

    Status : Open

  • Insurance & Services : $34.00

  • Duration : 10 days

    Deadline : 5/13/2015

  • Age Groups : Adults


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