Ecuador - Adult
South America Mission Trip

An adventure awaits you in Ecuador!


From tropical coastline to high, snowy mountains, Ecuador appears to have it all. But poverty is hiding in its capital.

Although prosperous on the whole, certain regions of Ecuador continue to struggle. In the beautiful country of Ecuador, impoverished people live with 12-15 people in a two-bedroom home and fight to provide for their families.
In the face of hardship and hunger, religion is very dead to the people of Ecuador and few have a personal and real relationship with Jesus Christ.

The people of Ecuador need hope.

Your team may partner with other ministries such as the Salvation Army to focus on the people in some of the poorest areas of Ecuador. While there, you may work in a school, leading a Vacation Bible School with stories, dramas, and crafts.

You could connect with youth through painting nails, combing hair, building relationships with them and demonstrating your relationship with Jesus. You may also serve the elderly through feeding programs to provide nutrition and hope and helping them feel surrounded by the love of God as they draw closer to him through your service.
While you’re visiting, find time to hike through the thick rainforests of the Amazon Basin or visit a local market. You can do it all in Ecuador. 

Will you show the people of Ecuador a true relationship with Jesus and bring his hope to the people?

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Trip Date:  6/28/2015 - 7/4/2015
  • Cost : $650 *

    Status : Open

  • Insurance & Services : $24.00

  • Duration : 7 days

    Deadline : 5/13/2015

  • Age Groups : Adults


*Air fare not included in trip cost


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