Our curriculum is based on “know yourself, lead yourself, lead others”. We develop character and the ability to lead others emotionally and spiritually while understanding your true identity in Christ. We believe in hands on training, activation, and experiential learning.

We believe in gaining perspectives that challenge and develop your personal and spiritual growth. You will walk through intentional friendship and challenge with an accountability partner.

Our desire is for you to deepen your relationship with the Lord by cultivating His presence through prayer, spiritual disciplines, and new revelations.


You will learn to live in intentional community, both personally and professionally, while creating a culture of safety that cultivates authenticity, vulnerability, and fun.

We desire to best understand the heart and tactfulness of living in a culture of feedback. Apprentices continually push one another into sanctification and greatness.

CGA is designed to activate you into your identity in Christ. To do this, we ask that our apprentices live out a life of transparency with community in order to better serve and be served.