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Broken Arrow Bible Ranch, New Mexico
American Indians


Trip Dates:  3/20/2011 to 3/25/2011
Age Group:  Adults
Status: Completed
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   Reports for Broken Arrow Bible Ranch, New Mexico Trip
Working at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch 14

3/24/2011  By: Jackson and Braxton Reynolds
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

Throughout this week we worked at the Bible Ranch to fix it up for the children that will come in the summer for camp. We leveled the dirt at the riflery range to make sure that the kids wouldn't trip with guns, and we also got to test the guns to see if they would work. That night we hung out with children during their youth group and heard some very good testimonies. We stained the archery wall and painted in many places around the camp. We had a great week and will never forget it!

Our Last Night 13

3/24/2011  By: Gail Reynolds
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

Wow!! What a great five days. We spent time last night at Fort Wingate boarding school, witnessed a bible group lesson led by missionaries at the Broken Arrow Bible Camp, and spent time with the students and teachers. My experience on this AIM trip has surpassed all my expectations. Time with my family, also my church family, the missionaries at Broken Arrow, Navajo and Zuni, and also with our wonderful AIM leader, Cindy. We also spent very meaningful time praying with and listening to God. These are all things I will never forget. I am so happy my children are as happy on this trip as I am. We will definitely take another mission trip in the near future.

last night 12

3/24/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

The team shared how the week had an impact on them. There was a lesson on communion, and it was served. 'smores are being made in the fireplace, and there is sure to be a game of "4 on the couch" before we turn in for the night.
It's been a great week of ministry.
Jobs done today- staining the seats at the ampitheater, filling in a trench that was dug for water lines, painting of the hallway downtstairs, with artwork added, the frisbee boxes were completed, the lost and found box done and a verse added, the room in the back of the chapel received it's 3rd coat of paint, and cleaning of the lodge, dining room and lounge area done.
Praise God for the serving hearts of all on this team!

Basketball With the Zuni Youth Group 11

3/24/2011  By: Heather Powis, Student
NPC-  Darien, CT

Yesterday half of the NPC group went to the Zuni Youth Group and played basketball and prayed with them. It was the difficult at first because they didn't talk to us much or pass to us, but they eventually warmed up to us and we had a great time. After the game we sat in a circle and heard two people's testimonies. We then prayed for some individuals such as a cousin of a Zuni teen in Japan and an aunt getting shipped off into the army. We all really enjoyed it and we all learned a lot about their culture.

Compassionate work 10

3/24/2011  By: Olivia&Francess&Natalie, Compassionate work
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

Here at BABR, we have learned a lot about compassion for others. The feeling where you know how someone else feels, without even experiencing it. Compassion is taught to us from God and Jesus. Jesus would heal the sick, blind, and turn the death into living, with no regret. For he felt the sympathy and compassion in his heart burst for his people. I believe,that even though we are not at God's level, we can let God's and Jesus's light lead us through our troubling life.

Work: Everyone is working super hard, sharing smiling faces, and laughs everyday.

Wednesday 9

3/24/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

The team went to El Morro on a 1/2 day outing. This was the perfect day for hiking and a picnic. The day before it snowed, and the day after it was windy again. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the National Monumnet.
In the afternoon, teams returned to the jobs they were working on. The guys providing the back work moved on to spread gravel around an uneven RV area, and dig a hole to expose water pipes.
Evening ministry- One team went to dinner at Dean's in Gallup before going on to the Fort Wingate Navajo Boarding School. The other group left after dinner at BABR to be at the Zuni Pueblo youth group.

Tuesday projects 8

3/22/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

Most of the workers started inside today, giving the snow a chance to melt off. The downstairs hallway got a wash down first, then the fresh painting began. The crew was busy the rest of the day getting this job done.

Another group worked on the frisbee golf boxes. This entailed scraping some, giving them a fresh coat of paint, and adding the numbers.

A third group was in the chapel preping 2 rooms at the back for fresh paint. Additionally, there is a very large lost and found box to paint after emptying, moving, and washing that down.

The outside team was moving brush and downed trees. They loaded a pickup truck and took it all to a burning pile. The debris was burned. The larger pieces were split for the woodshed- which will be used for future campfires and the fireplace in the lodge.

Each day team members help prepare the meals, set the tables, and clean up after the meal. Most enjoy using the HOBART.

First Mission Trip Impressions 7

3/22/2011  By: Gail Reynolds
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

I feel so lucky to be on my first mission trip with my whole family (there are six of us). What an incredible mix of experiences, group devotional time, one-on-one devotional time, experiencing a new culture, working on meaningful projects at the Broken Arrow Bible Ranch, making new friends, hearing testimony, and most importantly feeling closer to God and happy to be honoring Him.

I didn't know what to expect for these five days, but after only two I feel so lucky and blessed.

God's work 6

3/22/2011  By: Carolyn Woodberry
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

It's been an amazing trip so far. To see the groups of kids and adults working together under God's guidance doing the tough work that needs to be done around the camp is really great. At youth group last night, we got to meet some of the Native kids that will be at the camp this summer. Meeting the kids really helped to put in context the end purpose of the work that we are doing now. We realize this camp offers so many things in the kids' lives that they would not have access to otherwise. And this camp is offering our group from NPC many things, too: growing our faith, working to further his kingdom, growing tighter bonds with fellow Christians, to name a only few! We are blessed to be here!

Christine from IBC 5

3/22/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

A team from Indian Bible College (IBC) came to do the Monday night children's ministry at the camp. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone I knew on the IBC team.
I met Christine on a mission trip a year ago, at the San Carlos Apache resercation. At that time, our team was ministering to her. What a great joy to see her ministering to others tonight, as she shared her testimony!
God is so good!

Christine from IBC 4

3/22/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

A team from Indian Bible College (IBC) came to do the Monday night children's ministry at the camp. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone I knew on the IBC team.
I met Christine on a mission trip a year ago, at the San Carlos Apache resercation. At that time, our team was ministering to her. What a great joy to see her ministering to others tonight, as she shared her testimony!
God is so good!

the teams are out working 3

3/21/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

It's a windy day here at BABR. Windy is an understatment! It's gusting enough to close the interstate nearby. But this team was ready to work, and they are out at the rifle range, the stables and the archery range.
This evening the local kids come in for Bible study and fellowship. A group from IBC (Indian Bible College) will come to do the teaching tonight. We look forward to fellowshiping with them at dinner, and learning how God is working in their lives.
Just a note- I'm having a challenging time posting pictures due to the internet connection. I'll keep trying. I am taking lots of pictures, and will add them from home if need be. So keep looking! I rejoiced to get the first one to load.

God is here and so is Noroton! 2

3/20/2011  By: Stuart Smith, Associate Pastor
Noroton Presbyterian-  Darien, CT

Norton has sent 18 servants to New Mexico to serve the Native Americans of the Navajo and Zuni Tries. God has gather a great group of people ready to serve at the Broken Arrow Bible Ranch to help the camps infrastructure for their ministry to Native American children and youth during the summer. Of our participants, only one student has experience on a mission trip, so there are a lot of questions. I am excited to see the way that God will be changing the hearts of all of us.

Tomorrow we will begin our service at the camp. In the evening we will be with Native American youth groups that will come to the camp.

We are grateful for your prayers. Please pray for the physical health of our members, we are at an elevation of 7,000 feet! Pray for open minds and hearts as we are on God's schedule this week. God is ready to do some great things in all of our lives!

the team is all here 1

3/20/2011  By: Cindy Kopsick, Project Leader

The group all arrived safely just in time for dinner. We had a brief orientation, shared things we were excited for as well as concerned about. We ended our time together praising and praying together. We are looking forward to a great week of ministry and growth!

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