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Saltillo, Mexico
Youth Group

Trip Dates:  7/3/2004 to 7/10/2004
Age Group:  Senior high school students
Status: Completed
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   Reports for Saltillo Trip

7/8/2004  By: Cindy Walton, Participant
Faith Bible Fellowship-  Lindale, TX

What a day! We spent our morning doing various ministries and then gathered this afternoon for “Ask the Lord”. To just pray and ask Him to speak to us as to how He wanted us to spend our afternoon. Several pictures were seen by the group and so they went in search of that as an act of faith in stepping out in obedience to His direction and depending on Him to bring it to pass. God moved in many ways today and we have just gathered as a group to share with each other all that God did. The students felt richly blessed that God gave them the opportunity to be a part of it.

We wanted to share with you some of what was shared this evening from the students;

** “Yesterday in VBS 10 children came to know Christ. I thought that was awesome”

** “This afternoon we had the opportunity to pray for a gentlemen and his needs and spiritual well being.”

** “Today we stopped at a taxi stand and visited with one of the drivers. He shared with us that he was hurting so much about what was going on in his life. He was looking for a job that allowed him to work less and be able to attend church. One of the students was able to share with him a scripture passage about if you put the Kingdom of God first the rest of the things in our lives will come into order. We are planning on following up with him in the morning when we return to the colonia.”

** “One of the Mexican children really liked the hat I have been wearing all week and I decided to give it to him. It really seemed to please him.”

** ”This afternoon we went to a poor neighborhood that is built along the side of the mountain south of where we are staying this week. Several of us walked along a street and met this family with two young daughters. We stopped and asked what we could do to help them and the mother allowed us to hang up her laundry. Some of the guys helped clear some rocks away from an area that the husband was working on. We also played with her daughters by making balloons for them. We noticed that they didn’t have any dolls and are planning on picking them up one each and returning to give them this gift. During our time there, we also learned that one of the daughters was ill and that the parents weren’t able to take her to the Dr.’s because they didn’t have any extra money to pay with. We immediately felt the Lord wanted us to pool what money we had on us and give to this family. We left feeling that we had truly been used by God to meet a need this family had.”

** “We out on a prayer walk and stopped to pray about a variety of things we saw. We observed a man that was also walking around and appeared to be praying as well. We were able to cross paths with him and pray with him. It was really neat to hear him pray in Spanish. It was as though we ended up on the receiving end of the blessing!”

** “We came across a man carrying two beer bottles. He put them down and we began to converse with him and how that God could deliver him from drinking. After talking to him for awhile he asked how he could be delivered from drinking and we were able to share with him the gospel message. One of the guys in our group even offered to buy back the bottles so that he wouldn’t finish them and before the exchange could happen the man broke them on the ground and then removed his shirt and said that he needed to be punished for his drinking. Our group had the opportunity to share with him that no matter how bad he thought he was or the deed of drinking was, the Lord still loved him.”

** “We left the church with a vision of a green apron with flowers, a white truck and a bread sign. We began to drive around and went to the plaza and it was deserted so we knew that wasn’t’ the place we were supposed to be. We had one of the group get sick and so brought them back to the base and prayed again. We left and began to drive again in a different and a dome caught our eye so we drove in that direction when we realized that there was a street we hadn’t driven down. We turned down that street and saw a bread sign and so stopped outside a business. We got out and went inside and saw a women in a green apron sitting at a table with a floral table cloth. We shared with her that we had been lead to that place to pray for her and asked what we could pray for. She didn’t feel comfortable sharing because her husband wasn’t there but that he would return at 6:30. We prayed for her anyways and then stepped outside to pray for her again and saw the white truck! We prayed for her business to prosper, for her family and left there feeling that we had truly been lead by the Lord. Not fully understanding why He wanted us at that spot but we went in obedience to His voice.”

We give praise to our Heavenly Father that an adult participate who had hurt his hand on Monday and then had a bad sprained ankle on Tuesday was able to participate at almost full capacity today! We also gave praise that a 13 year old participant who received a head injury late Wednesday afternoon was given a clean bill of health and was able to return to the base after spending a night in a Saltillo hospital. We have definitely seen Satan make attempts at disrupting our service to the Lord this week but praise God we serve a mighty and powerful God who allowed us to stay focused on Him and open to being used by Him to serve the people of Saltillo. We have, and continue to, feel the intercessory prayers of our prayer teams back home in Illinois and Texas. You guys are such a vital part of what we have been privileged to experience. Thanks so very much and we love you!


7/8/2004  By: Nate Green, Participant
Parkview Community Church-  Glen Ellyn, IL

Hola from Saltillo, Mexico!!

It is amazing how God continues to work here in Saltillo. On the prayer walk this morning, God totally intervened and showed how awesome He is. I had been praying about a man who our team had met on Monday. He had invited us over to his house, but sadly we were unable to locate it. I was hoping that on the prayer walk we would run into him again. All of a sudden, I looked up and there he was, walking along the sidewalk. We ran up to greet him. After talking for awhile, he invited us to his house once again, and we were able to meet his family. It was so cool to enjoy his company and see God’s hand in it. Before we left we got to pray for his family and invite his grandchildren to VBS.

On our afternoon shift, our team had the chance to chill in the church, relax, and pray for everyone that was out doing ministry. This was possible because in the days before all the teams had worked on construction, getting the job done and leaving us with nothing else to do.

In the evening, we encountered a scary incident. One of our fellow peers, Jason, had an accident and banged his head on the cement. He was sent to the hospital, but we know that he will be alright. It was really neat to see everybody just drop to our knees and start praying for him. PRAYER IS A POWERFUL THING. So I just ask that you keep him in prayer as well as the team as the week goes on.

Adios and God bless.

HOLA!!! 4

7/6/2004  By: Laurel Sommerfield, Elisabeth Strejc, Elizabeth Meyer, Participants
Parkview Community Church-  Glen Ellyn, IL

Hola from the Saltillo Missions Team!

Today was our second day working in ministry here. Today two of the work groups got a chance to work in Vacation Bible School. During the lesson there were over 68 kids many of who decided to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Two groups spent all day pouring and mixing concrete to finish the roof on the church we are working with. God provided safety as they finished the roof and completed the tasks for the whole entire week.

Some groups also got a chance to minister door to door and spend time praying. In the afternoon 3 groups spent time in sports ministry while some braided hair and painted nails. Others got a chance to directly interact with the children, teens, and adults. By the end of the day each worker got the satisfaction of many kisses and hugs. Finally some people got a chance to spend time with the people at a rehabilitation center. We even got a chance to view the beautiful mountains that God created while hiking up through them.

Unfortunately, today we had one injury at the sports evangelism. We would like to ask for prayer for Larry who is a leader involved with Parkview Community Church in Illinois. Today he fell and sprained his ankle and is not able to walk.

We are looking forward to a new day and all the wonderful opportunites God will bring to us.

Monday, July 5th 3

7/5/2004  By: Cathy MacKay, Team Leader
Parkview Community Church-  Glen Ellyn, IL

Today the word is ¨relationships¨. We all have been focusing our efforts on building relationships for the Kingdom today. Here are a few snapshots of how we´ve been doing this: We have painted finger and toe nails, played soccer, cut and bent rebar, participated in VBS(with approximately 40 children in attendance- we expect more tommorrow), sung songs in English and Spanish, etc.

Some brief impressions shared by our teens: the smiles of the children have been overwhelmingly wonderful, the warmth of the people of Saltillo has been great, it doesn´t take much to be able to communicate despite speaking a different language.

Moms and Dads, we want you to know how proud we are of your teens! They are truly a joy to observe as they pour their hearts out to the community here in Saltillo.

One last side note, some of the community guys commented that they´ve never seen a group of guys AND gals who not only love to play soccer but are excellent at the game, too.

Thank you for covering us with your prayers!

Sunday July 4th 2

7/5/2004  By: Matt Ravenscraft, Participant
Parkview Community Church-  Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Greetings from Saltillo. To say today was busy would probably be an understatement. Both groups from Illinois and Texas left early in the morning in 4 different vans, en route to a four hour voyage to Saltillo, our destination for the week. The drive didn’t seem that long though, because of the awesome scenery that surrounded us. Clouds cast shadows on the mountains that dwarfed us from both sides. It also gave us a chance to get to know our translators who were making the trip to Saltillo with us. It was interesting to observe the towns that we passed through--the houses, the cars, the stores. Many things are different here. We arrived in Saltillo at midday, and settled into our new home, a large building with two big rooms for us to stay in--one for the guys and one for the girls. There is also a large gym that resembles an indoor soccer field inside the building that I’m sure it will be put to good use.
After we had made ourselves ‘a hogar,’ it was time for us to load back into the buses and attend a church service in the town. It was an awesome experience to witness a different culture worshipping the same God that we do in a different language. Our words were different, but it was obvious that our hearts were the same. We exchanged greetings with the translators acting as moderators, and sang songs in both Spanish and English. After the service, we were given an opportunity to talk to the locals that attended the church, which was yet another awesome experience. A lot of us tried our best to talk to them doing our best Spanish impressions. Hand motions definitely came in handy, and the translators were also there to help out whenever someone needed it. Even though we’ve only been here a day, they have proven extremely valuable to us and we are truly grateful to have them. Tomorrow we will start VBS and other activities like construction, prayer walking, and a sports ministry. I, as well as the others, are looking extremely forward to it. God bless.

Saturday July 3rd 1

7/5/2004  By: Steve Basden, Project Leader

The groups have arrived and crossed the border. It was a little time consuming getting the vehicles across, but we are in Reynosa now and checked into the hotel. It has been a long day of travel for everyone and we are praying for a good night’s sleep tonight for the trip to Saltillo. We haven’t had much time to bond as a group yet because everyone arrived at different times and there wasn’t an opportunity to spend any time together as a large group. However, we will have time to do that tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing how God will bind us together in order to do the work He has for us to do. Tomorrow it’s off to Saltillo.

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