Church to Church: Cambodia


Cambodia is a kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions. Diverse art, food, and people draw visitors from across the globe. Home to one of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat, this nation offers incredible experiences that you can not get anywhere else.

But despite this beautiful mosaic of ideas and people, poverty remains dangerously pervasive in 90 percent of the population. Rural farmers have trouble selling their goods. Due to lack of development, many find it hard to provide for their families and market their crops. Furthermore, Cambodia’s statistics indicate that only 4 percent of its people practice Christianity. And because of a history of genocide and ethnic violence, the people of Cambodia lack hope.

Come join the local church and be the incarnation of the hope of Christ. You could teach English to village children. In doing so, you will not only provide them with a life-changing language skill, but you will demonstrate something that rural youth may never have experienced: the unconditional love of Christ.

You could speak to others about the saving work of Christ in evangelism ministry. Many people have heard of Christ, but few have heard of the change he can bring to the hearts of the hurting. Coupled with the church’s knowledge of the land, your testimony and relationship could bring light to those who have never heard his name.

The people of Cambodia need hope. They need people who care about them. You can help meet these needs! Sign up for a Church to Church trip to Cambodia today!

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