Church to Church: Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic’s beautiful beaches, exotic history, and diverse population make it one of the most sought-after vacationing places in the entire world. With booming markets, tourism, and high demand for travel, it seems like paradise.

Upon closer inspection, though, you can see a darker side. The farther you move in from coastal areas, the more intense the poverty grows. To complicate the problems of the poor, hurricanes have left many families homeless. Due to lack of media coverage, there’s a severe shortage of disaster relief. Furthermore, many of the country’s resources go to drug cartels.

Come partner alongside the local Dominican church to make an impact that could change a nation. You could take care of orphans desperate for your loving touch and time. Playing, singing, and showing God’s love could make a world of difference to children who feel abandoned. Your love could change generations.

There are also opportunities to work with families. You could work to build a house for people who lost their homes in recent natural disasters. Carpentry skills are welcomed, but not necessary. If you can swing a hammer and have a willing heart, your help can literally house the homeless.

Come share the caring heart God has placed in you. Come to the Dominican Republic!

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