Church to Church: Haiti


Known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, Haiti gets much attention for its beautiful beaches and unique island style—and recently, natural disaster relief. The resilience of its culture and spirit has made a mark in the minds and hearts of millions around the globe.

But a huge amount of relief work, both physical and spiritual, remains undone. Due to the lack of cohesiveness in the local economy, much of Haiti stays in shambles. Many citizens still live with defeated spirits and without homes. And because of a concentrated occult spiritual presence, the people often live with conflicting messages about Christ and his love for the poor.

Come partner with the local church and work to be the hands and feet of Christ. You may work to build houses for those displaced by the latest earthquake. Come make in impact on the lives of families by offering your skills in carpentry. Don’t worry if you’re not trained in those areas. Anyone who can swing a hammer, paint, and has a servant’s heart can change someone’s life forever.

After helping build a home on earth, you could help build someone’s eternal home by participating in evangelism ministry. Due to native folk religions, many people are confused about who Jesus really is. To further complicate things, even though the majority of Haiti claims to follow Roman Catholicism, many mix occult practices with Christian doctrine. Come be a light to those who do not know the truth of Christ.

The nation of Haiti has all the right conditions for change. All it needs now is God working through a partnership with the local church. Sign up for a trip today!

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