Church to Church: Ireland


Historically, religious strife between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland has resulted in violence. But a recent period of peace has left many Irish seeking a new identity. Only a small percentage of Irish people actually attend church or profess to follow Christ.

Ireland’s rapid economic growth has left its youth with both spare time and disposable income. Drinking and fighting are big parts of their culture. Churches rarely offer safe alternatives to hanging out in the streets.

Partner with an Irish church, and you could help develop a youth program that will offer teens another way to spend time. You could help coordinate athletic and social activities for the youth center, organize card games or dodgeball tournaments on a rainy day, or move outside to play soccer and other sports.

Your team may even run the center in a way similar to your own youth group back home, including leading worship, teaching, performing dramas, and playing games.

As Ireland continues to rebuild, will you partner with a church? Will you help share the safe, healing presence of Christ?

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