Church to Church: Kenya


You’ve seen the photos in National Geographic and the videos on the Travel Channel. You’ve caught a glimpse of the geographic and ethnic diversity of Kenya. But you haven’t seen the struggles of the Kenyan people.

Kenya faces AIDS, poverty, hunger, and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. But the needs of its people aren’t just physical. Often, their understanding of Christ is miles wide, but only inches deep. Churches there are working to change this, but they need support.

Kenya’s problems are diverse, but your church can help. Partner with a church in Kenya, and you’ll assist in sharing the love of Christ with people there. Come be a part of the solution God uses to change a nation.

You may share the gospel through evangelism or outreaches. You may visit hospitals and pray for the sick or spend time in orphanages and schools.. You may also play pick-up games of soccer with street kids or witness the poverty of those living in IDP camps.

Will you go reach out to the people of Kenya and experience Christ's love in a deeper way?

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