Church to Church: Malaysia


There is something for everyone in Malaysia.

Diverse yet distinct in culture, Malaysia houses a myriad of religions, nationalities, and people groups. While Islam remains its national religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, and ancestor worship thrive in the culture, beliefs, and attitudes of the people. The geography of this peninsula leads to a consistent flow of ideas, trade, and people and tourists. With the constantly moving people, the need for community and outreach is needed here more than any other place on this earth.

Come alongside the church as you form not just “another people group”, but rather, a spiritual family empowered to change the nation. Together you may work in places to minister to those in poverty, visit kids in hospitals, and bring unity to a nation that urgently needs the love of a neighbor.

You may work to fill the bellies and souls of the nation’s poor. There are plenty of soup kitchens providing basic needs to the nation’s forgotten population in the name of Jesus. Helping hands and listening ears are typically the instruments by which Jesus heals the hearts of those in need.

You could also minister to souls with evangelism. Evangelism ministry might be right up your alley. Partner with local ministries as they go and talk to people about the life-changing power of Christ. Your relationship may be the one that alters the direction of a life forever.

Come experience of the life of Christ in the church in a new way. Come to Malaysia!

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