Church to Church: Moldova


There is so much to discover in Moldova.

Moldova recently split from a Communist country, and its diverse ethnic population makes it unique. With influences from the surrounding countries, major historical importance, and a famed wine industry, Moldova connects the “old” European world to new ideas.

But despite historical relevance and culinary fame, this unique country remains the poorest in Europe. The spread of materialism has made much of the Moldovan youth apathetic to the plight of the impoverished. Many adults move on to other countries, often splitting apart families and leaving grandparents to take care of children.

Join with the church as it takes the lonely and orphaned and puts them into families. You could work with campus ministries and fellowship with lonely students. Your care and encouragement can bring healing to the broken families that are very common in this country.

Moving out from the college life, you may work with the church to reach out to the impoverished population. Partnering with the natives in the church, you could go to spots where the poor gather and feed the hungry, filling stomachs with food and hearts with the hope of Christ.

Working together with Moldovan believers in compassion and love, you’ll see the body of Christ in action.

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