Church to Church: Mozambique


Mozambique has a port city, beautiful beaches, and diverse wildlife. With all of its tourism spots, you would think that it would be a country booming with prosperity.

However, Mozambique remains the poorest country in Africa. An estimated 1.6 million children live without parents. Roads remain in poor conditions. Rural men and woman do not have a basic education. Furthermore, women have considerably less access to education and healthcare. As a result, the number of women who die in childbirth is high.

Come partner with the church in Mozambique and help act as the body of Christ to Mozambique. You could work at an orphanage and bring the love of the Father to kids who have never felt it before. Working with kids could change a their lives. You could visit widows who are in desperate need of fellowship and prayer.

You could also share the Gospel in evangelism ministry. With the church as your guide, go door to door sharing the love of Christ with people who may have never heard his name. You may end up seeing people accept him as Lord and Savior.

Come alongside a church and see how Christ is at the center of his church, here and abroad. Sign up for a church-to-church trip to Mozambique today!

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