Church to Church: Peru


Filled with jaw-dropping terrain, Peru is one of the most bio-diverse countries on Earth. Peru’s landscape includes the lofty peaks of the Andes, vast coastal deserts and the lush, tropical rain forests of the Amazon Basin.

The birthplace of several proud, ancient civilizations, present-day Peru is home to an incredible assortment of indigenous groups that blend into a unique and beautiful culture.

Sadly, the people of Peru struggle with high levels of poverty and class inequality. Government corruption hinders Peru’s economic development and the people face many intractable problems such as teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and crime (particularly theft).

Difficult circumstances have created a strong hunger for hope.

Peruvians—especially those living in poverty—are amazingly open and responsive to the gospel. God is powerfully at work in this South American country.

You can help advance this harvest. Participate in special community outreach events to meet the people of Peru as they seek the promise of Christ. Share the love and grace of Jesus with children and bring them hope in God’s plans for their future.

Visit with people door-to-door, connecting with them and learning new ways to serve and share the gospel.

After you tell about the life-changing power of Christ, you could go with the church to feed those in need. Partnering with the church, you could bring water to places that have none, work in soup kitchens to feed those without food, and be a friend to the friendless.

In partnership with the local church, open hearts to the gospel by responding to the felt needs evident within the community. Tangible expressions of love help give credibility to the message of Christ.

Meet Our Long Term Missionaries - Robert and Becky Cooley


Bob and Becky Cooley joined Adventures in Missions in 2005, serving full time in Peru since 2006. They live in Lima, Peru’s capital city.

In 2010 they planted a church. Currently, their ministry is primarily focused on building and discipling the congregation to a point where the church is established and equipped to move forward on its own. They provide pastoral leadership in the church and oversee discipleship training ministries for men and women.

The church in Peru knows the work that needs to be done. Your support would greatly help. Will you consider a partnership with a church in Peru?

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