Church to Church: Philippines


Known for its diverse terrain of mountains, volcanoes, and beaches, the Philippines is a popular haven for tourists. But what good could your church do there? How do you partner with a church from a melting pot of different cultures, landscapes, and religions?

More than a getaway for Westerners, this seven thousand-island archipelago is home to many Filipinos who earn under 15 cents per day. This classifies them as “ultra poor” on the poverty scale. A large Muslim population and some 4.5 million others who have never heard the gospel call the Philippines home.

You may work alongside local ministries like Kids International Ministries or connect with a local church that has a heart for outreach.

You might work at a children’s home or spend time with at-risk youth.

You could build a school, shoot hoops with the neighborhood kids, connect with locals, or visit a nearby refugee camp. You may even do something as simple as share a meal with a family in need.

The opportunities don’t end there, though.

There are orphans who long to be loved, abused women and children who need a listening ear, and destitute people who are searching for your loving words.

A trip to the Philippines will transform your worldview and change your church, but it will also change the lives of the people and churches you come into contact with. Are you ready?

You will enjoy beautiful scenery and a vibrant culture while serving a people in need and practicing listening prayer. In a nation filled with so many needs, you can play a significant part in making a difference.

In a place of such deep need and spiritual darkness, there’s a lot we can do to create lasting relationships in the lives of our Filipino brothers and sisters.

Will you bring hope to a nation?

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