Church to Church: Romania


On the surface, Romania seems great. People are employed, youths focus on career goals and school, and beautiful buildings line the streets. Enough bread arrives in most homes to feed everyone. The country thrives.

But on the inside, Romanians desperately need hope. While the economy thrives, happiness statistics list Romania as one of the least happy places in Europe. Furthermore, ethnic tensions continue between native Romanian and Roma, forcing unity within the people to an all-time low.

Come alongside the church as an instrument of eternal joy. Together you may coordinate youth events, inter-cultural bible camps for children, fellowship with local believers, and become part of the community that is in desperate need of the resurrecting hope of Christ.

You may help a church run English and Bible camps for local children, you could help build a house for the homeless, or you could just fellowship with lonely believers in need of a friend.

The ways to serve don’t end there.

Befriending teens and even doing farm work are ways you could show the people of Romania that God cares about them.

A partnership with a church in Romania will revolutionize the value you place on Christ-like friendship and the miracle of unity that only occurs when the church unites worldwide.

Will you join us?

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