Church to Church: Thailand


Thailand seems to be a place where everything comes together. Exotic beaches and a distinctive combination of Eastern and Western ideas attract people from all corners of the globe.

But take a closer look and you will find a dark side that needs the light of Christ.

Sex tourism is a huge source of income for the impoverished. Kids often struggle to get consistent education. Many teens are forced into labor to help pay for their education supplies and feed their families.

Partner with the local church, and you’ll show kids who feel forgotten that God cares about them. You could become a friend to children saved from being trafficked. You may also have the opportunity to teach English to middle and high schoolers. Tutoring a child could change their life — and yours — forever.

There are also opportunities to build orphanages and hospitals for those in need. No construction experience is necessary to move supplies, paint, and be the Lord’s hands and feet. Together as a team you could work to help house the homeless.

A partnership with a church in Thailand provides so many ways to shine a light into the dark.

Will you shine your light with us?

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