Church to Church: Uganda


Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda offers loads of attractions. With flowing rivers, breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and over sixty distinct people groups, this nation contains a variety of experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.

Even with these incredible tourist attractions, Uganda remains one of the poorest nations in the world. At least 31 percent of its population lives on less then $1.25 a day. To supplement this income, many families try to farm livestock, which can spread disease. Many girls engage in prostitution in order to feed their families. This leads to the spread of AIDS in children and families. An estimate 1.4 million people in Uganda live with AIDS (including 190,000 children). An estimated 62,000 died from AIDS in 2001, leaving 1.1 million children orphaned.

Come partner with the local church to bring hope and love to people in need. You could show the love of Christ by going to the local orphanage and playing with children.

You may tell other people about God through evangelism ministry. While many Ugandans consider themselves “Catholic”, belief in folk religions and false teaching about Christ is still prevalent. With your words, you may not only be an instrument of salvation, but also make lasting friendships.

Come partner with the church in Uganda and find what God has for you. Apply for a trip today!

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