Details & Logistics

Your team will have the opportunity to partner with some amazing missionally minded folks that are transforming their city from the inside out. With a heavy emphasis on relationships, you’ll have the opportunity to serve people in a variety of ways. Each opportunity ties back to our partner’s strategy for reaching their community for Christ.

Here are some things you might be doing in Asheville:

  • Light Construction: Our partners are actively expanding their infrastructure in the Black Mountain neighborhood. There are plenty of small and large work projects!
  • City Cleanup: Join the church in serving Black Mountain through city cleanup
  • Community Outreach: Asheville is a unique place, with lots of people hanging out on the square and along the streets. It makes for a great opportunity to connect with the community!
  • Elderly Care: Oftentimes the elderly will go days without someone coming to visit them. Join us in caring for those who are being neglected by visitations, home projects, and more.
  • Community Cookout: Cookouts make for a fantastic opportunity to connect with people in the community, and our partners are excited to have you help them engage the people around them!
  • Children’s Ministry: Day camp for the kids in the community whose parents are working.

Your team will be lodging in a space called “Dixon Lodge”, which consists of 5 bedrooms with capacity for 6 people in each. Larger groups may be split into one of the other lodging sites on campus. Mattresses on metal frames with a fitted sheet are provided for your team, so bring a pillow and blanket! The lodging space does have AC.

There are 2 bathrooms with 3 showers available under the same roof and 3 additional showers a short walk away.

There are lots of open spaces outside, including a fire pit, large porch and grassy areas.

There is a full kitchen with anything you might need. Your team will meet together in a meeting room on the main level with tables and chairs.

Meals are very much a team effort, and we have a lot of fun in the process! Teams will participate in meal prep and serving. Breakfast will be cold cereal, fruit, bagels, etc. Hot breakfasts could be available as well, depending on the group’s willingness to contribute to the meal prep and cooking. Lunch will be packed sandwiches, fruit and a side to take to the ministry site. Hot dinners will typically be served after ministry at the church each day.

Ground transportation will be your team’s responsibility. We recommend bringing multiple vans if you have a large group, for ease of getting to and from multiple ministry locations at the same time. If you’d like us to supply a van, that could be an option depending on availability and at a small additional cost.

  • If you choose to fly in, here are some options:
  • Charlotte - 2 hour drive
  • Atlanta - 3 ½ hour drive
  • Knoxville - 2 ½ hour drive

The safety of our participants is a top priority for us. We have both an internal Risk Management team and external Risk Management consultants. We use a multi-pronged approach to risk management - including monitoring information from reporting agencies and relying on the knowledge of our ministry partners. In addition to our own protocols (e.g., students must be with an adult at all times), our ministry hosts and partners will provide trip specific safety guidelines for the particular trip location. Our Project Leaders are trained in risk management and have access to both on-field and home-office support.

$75 Deposit: This per person deposit is required to complete your registration. At this point, you will lock in your trip and we will keep in touch with you going forward about preparation. This deposit is applied to the total cost of your trip.

50% Payment: Half of your total trip cost will need to be paid 6 weeks before your trip.

100% Payment: The remaining balance is due 1 month before your trip.

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule


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