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All Squad Month
by shad jensen on 10/13/2017

by Craig Hill on 10/10/2017

A Drop in the Bucket
by on 9/20/2017

Camping Out
by Nelson Horst on 9/16/2017

Round Two
by Amy Leigh on 9/13/2017

Day 4
by Short Term Missions on 8/31/2017

Ghana Video
by STM Ghana on 8/27/2017

It was my First...
by on 8/24/2017

Follow Us
by Hagen Fulford on 8/22/2017

Say Something
by on 8/16/2017

What's your story?
by on 8/2/2017

by Short Term Missions on 7/13/2017

We Made it to Nepal!
by on 6/17/2017

by martha segner on 6/10/2017

Let's Get Started
by on 6/10/2017

by Danae Englund on 6/8/2017

True Grit
by Emily Butterfield on 5/30/2017