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by Greg Mullins on 3/24/2019

by Steve & Amy McAdams on 11/7/2018

Thailand #8
by Ravi Almeter on 8/2/2018

Leaving Home
by Audrey Harned on 7/30/2018

by Ricci Emmons on 1/28/2018

by Craig Hill on 10/10/2017

Follow Us
by Hagen Fulford on 8/22/2017

True Grit
by Emily Butterfield on 5/30/2017

TED Talk
by Gabe Landes on 3/10/2017

A Family I Met
by Scott Borg on 11/30/2016

Standing in the Gap
by Jessica Robbins on 10/25/2016
From Macon, MS
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One Month in Nicaragua
by on 10/13/2016

End well.
by Andrea Lance on 4/1/2016

by on 3/16/2016

Christmas 2015
by Becky Cooley on 12/24/2015

Attitude Adjustment
by Dan Lidwin on 11/18/2015
From Springfield, MA
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The big one...
by Angela Aston on 9/10/2015
From Seattle WA
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Colorado? Thailand? UP?
by Benny V on 8/19/2015
From Northern Michigan Area
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Georgia Bound
by Ben Able on 6/27/2015
From Greer SC
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Marked by Courage
by Kelli Miller on 1/2/2015
From Port Huron, MI
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Why the Cubicle matters!
by KayLynn Loveless on 10/2/2014
From Coldwater, Michigan
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Jeremy, What Do You Do?
by Jeremy Cearbaugh on 6/25/2014
From Fort Wayne, IN
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New World Race Promo Video!
by Andrew Holloway on 6/25/2014
From Houston, TX
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What Exactly Do I Do?
by Stacy Povian on 6/24/2014
From South Florida
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by Greg Houghton on 6/24/2014
From Ft. Wayne, IN
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New beginnings
by Spencer Ball on 2/25/2014

With Love, H
by Heather Hartz on 2/17/2014
From Army Brat
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squad leading is over.
by Vanessa Butler on 11/26/2013
From Longview, TX
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I Gave Into The Unknown
by Sarah White on 11/23/2013
From Jackson, TN (USA)
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One Hell of a Year.
by Ruth Wilson on 11/19/2013
From Kingwood Tx
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