Hurricane Disaster Relief

Christian Mission Trips to Help Flood Victims of Houston, Texas and Puerto Rico


What’s Happening in Houston

Join us as we rebuild Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

We have been serving the Houston area since early September and have made significant steps in helping the people of Houston recover and rebuild. We have sought out those who have little hope of restoration without the aid of volunteers. We have found the elderly, widows, veterans, disabled, and the forgotten. There are literally thousands of families in Houston that will not get back into their homes unless someone helps them to rebuild.

You can be one of the people who show up and live out the gospel as we help those who can not help themselves.

Because of the great need that still exists, we have opened up more trips throughout the holiday season and throughout 2018. We need your hands, especially of you have basic construction skills, and we need your heart to show the love of Christ. We will continue to clean out homes that haven’t been helped yet while also continuing to rebuild homes we have already cleaned out.

If you can't serve in person, please consider a gift to help fund building supplies, furniture and appliances for those who have lost everything and have no insurance. All donations to our Disaster Relief Fund go directly to disaster relief needs.


What’s Happening in Puerto Rico

Join us on a Disaster Relief Trip to Puerto Rico! We can now support short-term teams on the ground to aid needs of communities where our ministry partners were effected during Hurricane Irma. Many still wait for power and clean water, much less a safe shelter to call home.



  1. The flood victims in Louisiana and Texas effected by Hurricane Harvey.
  2. Pray for wisdom for the local government.
  3. Pray for those on the ground serving.
  4. More people to come and assist on the ground as we set up relief trips.
  5. Finances and people willing to give quickly.
  6. Hope and peace for all aid workers and those affected by the crisis.


Given the unpredictable nature of these disasters, precious time is lost when making efforts to raise funds while victims are already in desperate need. That's why we have created a general Disaster Response Fund allowing us to respond immediately to disasters as they are happening.

As we continue to make you aware of the ways you can help when these events occur, consider supporting the Disaster Response Fund throughout the year so resources are available for our teams to act immediately when unexpected disasters hit.



Join 2,000 people being mobilized to Houston and Puerto Rico in 2018.

Are you a student ministry pastor, looking into opportunities for your youth group?

Take Your Student Ministry to Houston Take your Student Ministry to Puerto Rico

Are you 18 years or older, by yourself or maybe a few friends looking for an opportunity to join up with a team of like-minded Christ followers?

Join a Relief Mission Team of Adults to Houston  and  Join a Relief Mission Team of Adults to Puerto Rico

Are you a church missions leader, campus ministry leader, or other group leader looking for specific dates and times to take your group on a disaster relief missions service trip?

Request Quote for Custom Trip to Houston Request Quote for Custom Trip to Puerto Rico

Other relief trips to Puerto Rico are being planned by our Logistics team. Sign up on the form below to be informed when trips are posted. From a month to years after a disaster strikes, we have teams continually going to serve in relief efforts. All scheduled relief trips are listed under Adult Mission Trips for Individuals and Groups or under Youth Group Mission Trips.


Adventures in Missions responds to both domestic and international disasters, from neighbors next door to friends on the other side of the world. Because needs differ with each disaster's location and intensity, our agile response efforts fill the gaps, meeting needs other relief organizations can't or don't meet.

We’ve mobilized thousands of people in response to disasters around the world, partnering with local churches and ministries to see physical and spiritual restoration in people’s greatest time of need. Relief efforts are a prime opportunity to share the message of hope we have in Jesus.

You can join us the next time disaster hits. To be on our first responder list and be informed of potential disaster relief opportunities, sign up now.

Click here to learn more about the ministry of Adventures in Missions.


Nearly three billion people were affected by natural disasters in the last decade. After Hurricane Sandy, Jerri shares her story of one life devastated, one life restored. This is why we show up— to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to build homes, hope, and an open door for the Gospel.


Flash Flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana left 20,000 people in need of rescue, while homes were destroyed. We were able to serve alongside local ministry partners to assist them in rebuilding their communities. Steve Wallace and Alyssa wallace on the ground with Adventures in Baton Rouge.

Over one million refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, the vast majority arriving by sea to the island of Lesvos, Greece. Since November of 2015, we've sent several short term teams and multiple World Race squads to Lesvos, Greece. Follow our Refugee Crisis Page for the latest stories.

On a rainy day in August in Port-au-Prince, our friend Carl, an Adventures In Missions interpreter, shared a glimpse of what life in tent cities is like. He also shared some of his thoughts on how to help Haiti rebuild.

Since the 2010 earthquake, Adventures has had a steady a presence on the ground in Haiti, partnering with local ministries and helping with Disaster Relief. As the entire country recovers from the more recent Hurricane Matthew, the best way we can serve and partner with them now is through meeting physical needs. This is the open door to sharing the love of truth of Jesus with people recovering from this most recent disaster in Haiti.