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The Offical Update of Adventures in Missions JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011
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Taking the Initiative

Taking the Initiative

Another project in Kenya is kicking off this month, as five passionate individuals head to Maai Mahiu, Kenya, to work specifically with Internally Displaced People (IDP) who have been refugees in their own country since the 2007 presidential election. The Kenya Initiative will focus on bringing stability to the overcrowded IDP camp through a clean water project and long-range rehabilitation and relocation efforts.

With plans for a community center, job training program, and more, the Kenya Initiative is passionate about bringing holistic and healing solutions to a hurting people. To donate to their work in Kenya, or for more information, visit the Kenya Initiative blog at http://www.kenyainitiative.com or follow them on twitter @Kenyainitiative.

With your help we can continue sharing love and hope with our beautiful Kenyan brothers and sisters.

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