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The Offical Update of Adventures in Missions APRIL-JUNE 2011
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Fully Alive Churches

Fully Alive Churches

Did you know that cross-cultural relationships can bring about tangible, lifegiving change? That is exactly what is happening with Church to Church (C2C), a partnership program between American and Haitian churches launched last May to help with earthquake recovery. Roughly 40 church partnerships have been established. As a result, we have witnessed the establishment of medical clinics, the rebuilding of schools and the rehabilitation of entire communities. Clean water is being provided through new wells, thousands are being fed and hundreds are sleeping on cots due to the love and support from the partnering of Godís people.

The expression of this love has been seen in deliberate and tangible ways through the connection of Journey Church in San Diego to a church in Carrefour, Haiti. They flew their Haitian pastor to San Diego to meet their congregation face to face. In turn, a couple from San Diego got married in Haiti surrounded by the love of their partner congregation.

As we have continued to see the lifegiving results of the C2C program, we are working on partnerships with churches in other hurting countries. We are in the process of forming relationships with congregations in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

The interconnected Body of Christ can more fully come alive when we intentionally build lasting relationships with our brothers and sisters around the world. Your church can make lasting change happen with us, one relationship at a time.

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