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Ministry Vision

In our vision for ministry in Swaziland we believe God has a redemption plan for the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We see a generation of children raised to take leadership of their country and go throughout the world to preach the Gospel. Our vision is a Swaziland that is full of people who follow Jesus with passion and character. We want to see a generation raised to lead toward an abundant and holistically healthy future. We see healthy communities full of healthy families characterized by healthy relationships.

We want to see children survive, thrive, and succeed. We want them to become well-adjusted adults prepared to live abundant lives through Christ, contributing in productive ways to their society through church, work, family, and community. We address this vision through our partnership with Children's Hopechest, the neighborhood care points, feeding, discipleship, clean water, education, and access to healthcare.

With Communities we want to see vital, reproductive churches that reach across generations to help people grow spiritually. We do this through Adventures' focus on church planting and church partnerships.

Leadership Development and Sustainable Agricultural go along with Micro Enterprise to build people up in their current lives as well as come alongside them as they learn and grow for the future.

We also do short-term missions in order to bring resources (human and financial) and raise awareness.

Ministry Description

Adventures in Missions began working in Swaziland in 2004. Coordinating an effort to join 600 young people from America, South Africa, and Swaziland, Adventures was able reach every high school in Swaziland for one week of abstinence teaching.

Since that time we've been involved in hosting a variety of mission teams anywhere from 1 week to 9 months.

In 2007 Adventures formed a partnership with Children's Hopechest to begin supporting children's ministry at neighborhood care points across the nation. As of 2011 this partnership provides safe haven, food, and discipleship for 5000 orphans and vulnerable children daily.

The Anchor Center, located in Nsoko is a ministry center reaching out to the surrounding community. This ministry base hosts several short term mission teams annually at our team house lodging facility. We also partner with several surrounding neighborhood care points serving the needy families in the area. The base is home to a local church and pre-school. Also on the property is a medical clinic providing care to the community and free care to as many as 100 orphans per month. A community garden and sports fields are projects operating within the Anchor Center property as well.