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Frequently Asked Questions
Where does the Passport go?
The Passport has gone to countries all over the world, including Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda, Israel, India, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Thailand, Philippines, Tanzania, Guatemala, Mexico and more. Check out the upcoming trips to see where we're headed next!

How long is the Passport?
The Passport launches in January, June and September and are anywhere from 1-9 months long. Check out the upcoming trips to see which one is right for you.

What will we do on the Passport ?
Ministry looks different on every trip we offer. You can check out the trip descriptions to get an idea of what ministry might look like in each country. But we believe that ministry is a way of life, not just a daily assignment to complete. So we set up some options before you arrive, but much of your ministry is determined by asking the Lord what He is calling your team to specifically. You may see a need that we don't even know exists-and we want you to have the freedom to do something about that need! And remember, the most impactful ministry you're a part of might be the relationship that you build with your translator or the vendors at the market where you buy your groceries. Come with an open mind about what God has for you and you won't be disappointed!

What kind of things do I need to pack?
It can be overwhelming to think of packing your entire life into a backpack or suitcase for several months.but we promise that it can be done! And you probably need a lot less than you think you will! Once you apply for a trip, you'll find a general packing list on your profile. We'll also send you additional trip specific items on your team blog.

What is Training Camp?
You'll spend the first 4 days of your trip in Georgia to participate in Training Camp before you head to the field. During those few days you'll meet your team and leaders, and spend time getting ready spiritually, emotionally and physically.

What does the cost of the trip include?
Your trip cost includes all expenses once you arrive in Georgia. It covers airfare, food, lodging and transportation and gives you a ministry budget. Travels to and from Georgia and preparation expenses are not included. You'll find more information about support raising on your profile once you apply.

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