Behind Thailand’s beautiful beaches, booming tourism, and the country's ever-smiling faces lies a terrible secret: modern-day slavery fueled by poverty. Thailand’s red-light districts attract an ugly side of tourism.

Families go into debt in order to pay for food, rent for their homes, or even to build bigger houses. When debts are called in, the young girls are sent to Bangkok or other tourist cities in order to provide for their families. While the males go to the temple as monks in order to earn merit, it's the responsibility of the female to provide for her family.



Cambodia's story is "same same but different":

Cambodia boasts one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the temple Angkor Wat. However, the delicious food, beautiful scenery, and kind nature of the people mark the true wonders of this small country.

Cambodia is struggling to heal from one of the worst genocides in modern history. In just a three-year period, one in every five people died, decimating the population and trapping the people in terror. A predominantly Buddhist culture, Cambodians struggle with the concept of hope for the future. They have never heard of grace. They have never felt forgiveness.

In addition, the hopelessness of the people left behind is unimaginable to much of the Western world. How do you have commerce, government, and business without education? How can you rebuild your economy without educated professionals?

For both Thailand and Cambodia, the keys to ending poverty are two-fold: receiving both the unconditional love of Jesus and an education. Educated children grow into educated adults who are able to secure jobs and provide for their families.

Be ready to be stretched and used mightily for the Lord.

For ministry, you will split into two separate teams to serve in both countries.

Thailand: Our ministry partners have a wide range of opportunities ready for your team to jump into! 

Depending upon which ministry you are paired with, this could mean teaching English and educating refugees and extending a helping hand to those in need through outreach evangelism. You will have plenty of opportunities to serve through children's ministry, helping directly with children's church, or maybe helping update child sponsorship stories.

You might minister in the red light districts and prisons by building relationships with those in need. You'll probably spend time playing sports like volleyball, there's always a pick-up game happening somewhere! You will have the chance to bring meaning to the lives of youth through organizing camps, seminars, and events and working alongside the local church, maybe leading worship or a Bible teaching. Prayer and intercession will be a crucial part of your ministry in Thailand.

Our partner in Northern Thailand also has an organic farm, so your team will most likely help work the farm and teach local farmers about sustainable farming.

In Thailand, you'll have the chance to bring meaning to the lives of youth through organizing camps, seminars, and events and working alongside the local church. You'll also cultivate intimacy with God through prayer and intercession before serving others.

No matter how you serve in Thailand, we're confident it will draw you closer through the Lord as you serve others!

Cambodia: You will work with children at local orphanages to share the Father’s love and acceptance. You will also help with construction projects around the orphanage and partner with the local church to reach the community in the surrounding area.

Prepare your hearts to share Jesus with the unreached and make a lasting impact in Southeast Asia!

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