This Asian island nation, and former Spanish colony then American protectorate is a country in tension, trying to cross the threshold between the third and first world. It offers a variety of landscapes - beaches, mountains, volcanic lakes - and languages, with Tagalog as the national tongue. The Catholic Church is a substantial piece of the religious pie, however, and Islam is growing in the island of Mindanao.

The Filipino people love music, dance, and community. While there, you will find yourself living with and giving hope to the destitute, caring for orphans, and challenging the growing number of Christ-followers to rise up.


Ravaged by one of the worst typhoons in recent history, you'll come alongside Kid's International Ministries in Tacloban - a partner with Adventures for more than 10 years. You will share the love of Christ by helping facilitate youth camps, children's ministry, feeding programs, orphan care, light construction, and disaster relief. 

Will you be part of helping rebuild and lift up the Philippines?