What if you could take a semester to set aside the books, serve the people of The Philippines, all while going deeper with God than you ever imagined?

Take three months to step outside your comfort zone and join other Christians on this life-changing missions adventure. 

In just a few months, you could be among a team of 10-15 missionaries serving in the Asian islands of The Philippines. Your focus for these three months is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, living a lifestyle like the early disciples did.

You want to find your role in the kingdom. You are searching for something more. You are trying to figure out God’s plan for your life. You want to go and live like Jesus did and serve the least of these. The one-week mission trip isn’t enough for you anymore.

We understand how you feel because God lead us all down similar paths. We are a team of passionate missionaries who've had our lives radically changed through sharing God's love to the nations. Our desire is to train and mobilize young people who have experienced God's love in their lives and who want to grow closer to Him by sharing it with the world.

"I remember the first time I was able to see the light of hope in someone’s eyes as I shared through tears how much God loved them. It changed my life and I think that's what you're craving too." Sam Kirby, Passport

We work with long-term established contacts around the world focused on providing valuable, sustainable ministry to uplift locals and spread the hope of Jesus wherever we go.

What to expect on your trip: 

1. Mission (Matthew 28:16-20)

Learn how to serve others the way Jesus served them. Learn how to share your story and share the hope of the gospel.

2. Intimacy (John 15)

Dive deeper with God. Understand who He is in your life.

3. Community (Acts 2)

Learn how to be the church! Go and practice real Biblical community with others just like you.

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This Asian island nation, and former Spanish colony then American protectorate is a country in tension, trying to cross the threshold between the third and first world. It offers a variety of landscapes - beaches, mountains, volcanic lakes - and languages, with Tagalog as the national tongue. The Catholic Church is a substantial piece of the religious pie, however, and Islam is growing in the island of Mindanao.

The Filipino people love music, dance, and community. While there, you will find yourself living with and giving hope to the destitute, caring for orphans, and challenging the growing number of Christ-followers to rise up.

Here’s what you could do on a Passport trip:

Ravaged by one of the worst typhoons in recent history, you'll come alongside Kid's International Ministries in Tacloban - a partner with Adventures for more than 10 years. You will share the love of Christ by helping facilitate youth camps, children's ministry, feeding programs, orphan care, light construction, and disaster relief. 
So what are you waiting for? Grow in your faith. Learn to live as a modern day missionary. Learn who God is in your life. Understand the value of Biblical healthy community.

Passport was a time of stepping into the fullness of God’s love while experiencing his kingdom come on earth. I was able to meet people where they were at whether that was in a red light district in Thailand or a church service in Cambodia, Jesus showed up in every smile. - Jess Johnston (Passport Alum)

Will you go?