Adventures in Missions has taken more than 115,000 people on mission trips around the world. Through various short and long-term programs, Adventures In Missions helps people from all walks of life discover the world, who Jesus is, and what Jesus has called them to: making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28) and being his witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1).

What does Adventures offer youth leaders and participants?

Planned ministry — we coordinate all the ministry for your group with our ministry contacts or international bases in every location we send teams. We believe in fostering a lasting impact anywhere we send a team, therefore we only send teams where we have a strategic ministry partner or long-term base established.

Leadership — your trip will be lead by one to two project leaders, trained by Adventures, to take care of scheduling and logistics, and to serve as your main point of contact with us.

Freedom — your youth leader can be as hands-on or hands-off as they like! Planning worship, teachings, devotions, and free time is open for you to lead or can be passed to our Project Leader.

Logistics — we handle all the details from insurance and rental cars, to meals and supplies. It is all covered! You will simply get your group to the trip destination’s airport.

Debrief — Adventures in Missions values the process. We will give your students the space to talk about and understand their experiences daily. They may see a part of the world they have never seen before, and our leaders will be there to walk alongside your group as they process and respond.

Devotionals — Adventures has created custom devotional journals to help walk you and your group through what they are experiencing on their trip. These devotionals will be mailed out to your prior to your trip.

You want to take your youth to the next level with God. You want changed lives.

Imagine your youth group experiencing the world, listening to the voice of God, serving others, and making a real, tangible difference in the lives of others.

Imagine your youth group going to ...


Guatemala is always a favorite from participants. Known as "The Land of Eternal Spring", Guatemala is rich in natural beauty — from the shores of Lake Atitlan, to the peaks of its 37 volcanoes, this Central American nation is one of the most beautiful in the world. But the true beauty of Guatemala is its people. Gripped by poverty, the people of Guatemala hunger for the Kingdom of God. The majority of Guatemalans practice a form of Catholicism, and it’s estimated many also mix in ancient tribal religions and cultural traditions into their faith. 

Will you share the freedom of a relationship with Jesus in Guatemala?


While in Guatemala, you will serve in Antigua with our international base Adventures Guatemala. 

  • Relational Evangelism: You'll connect with people and learn their personal stories, and share your faith through the power of relationship.
  • Children's Ministry: Your team could do children's ministry in local villages and schools sharing the love of Christ through kids' favorite language: fun.

  • Stove Installation:The vision behind the stove installation project is to see healing and restoration through community development. Many families cook over an open fire, putting women and children at risk of getting burned. The smoke produced by these fires damages the lungs of those within close proximity of the cooking site. We seek to install stoves in the homes of families with whom we have a relationship, to provide a personal element that opens the door for evangelism and discipleship.

  • Water Filters: During house visits with local families, we realized they did not use clean water when cooking or drinking. Children complained of upset stomachs which was a result of drinking unfiltered water. Clean water costs money and is not easily accessible. We now help provide families in need with clean water.


Your team will stay at our Adventures Guatemala base with bunk beds, showers, and bathrooms. Electricity and spotty wifi are available. Meals will be prepared by cooks at the base, and you will have access to clean water.  

God is calling you to journey with Him, to share His love with the nations and establish His Kingdom on earth. Will you join Him in Guatemala?



Pray for Guatemala

For over twenty years Adventures has been sending short-term teams to serve the church in Guatemala. Now, we’re taking the next step of our investment into the Guatemalan church through the base. Adventures Guatemala comes alongside pastors and church leaders through discipleship, community development and activation of the local church to establish God’s Kingdom. We desire to see the men, women, and children of Guatemala reconciled to the love of God the Father, living out their God-given purposes.


What do we believe?

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